20131109 163915After successful tours in 2008 and 2011 the club was only too happy to support another tour to the UK in 2014.  On this tour there will be a total of 29 participants.  There is a mix of old and new faces on the 2014 tour.  Old hands Graeme and Rose Dunk, Wayne and Karen Carvolth, Dave and Pauline Smith, Darryl and Sharon Wood, Daniel Tatow Kate Anderson, Joel Bruun, Shaun Irlan, Ashley Murphy and Deane Cox are joined by first timers Lachy Austin, Zac Wilson, Kosh Wimalaratna, Glenice Bryant, Mitchell English, Rhys Husking, Brock Wood, Tayla Wood, Damien Murphy, Bree Petrie, Dave and Leila Powell.  All tourists are are raring to go and the players are looking forward to playing on UK soil. 

We have been fundraising extensively and generally enjoying the experience of working together as a team.  We have been selling raffle tickets, cooking sausage sizzles and selling chocolates in order to raise funds to go on the trip.  The photo above shows some of the tourists with the Bulls Masters when they came to Mackay to play. 

This year we will take on Crowhurst Park, Bexhill, Glynde, Whitstable, Tunbridge Wells and the Duke of Norfolks 11 at Arundel Castle.  As an added bonus we will be stopping over in Singapore to play a team put togehter by a former Norths player Michael Mehaffie.  The boys are looking forward to playing at the Singapore Cricket Club. 


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